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December 27, 2018

Investors’ Afterpay, PayWave spending creates headaches for new loans

Property investors should watch their discretionary spending in 2019, as popular new payment methods can impact a bank’s assessment of loan serviceability.
The royal commission and a tougher regulatory environment for the banks in 2018 translated to stricter borrowing conditions for investors, and a less competitive market than years gone past.
The year ahead is looking brighter, particularly with the banking regulator set to lift its restrictions on lenders with... READ MORE ›

December 17, 2018

Ad campaign pushes brokers over banks

A mortgage group has launched an advertising campaign to challenge the role banks play when getting a home loan.
Using billboards, HashChing’s campaign aims to convince Australians banks are not necessarily the best option when it comes to home loans.
The first billboard is located on the Winston Hill M2 motorway and Southern Cross Drive in Sydney.
Accompanying the slogan “Home loans are necessary, using banks is not” is the image of a “frowning, bespectacled older gentleman”, meaning to imply that banks are an outdated concept.... READ MORE ›

December 17, 2018

Online Mortgage Marketplace HashChing Goes After The Banks In New OOH Ads

Riding off negative sentiment against the big four banks, online mortgage marketplace HashChing is challenging the role they play when getting a home loan in its latest ad campaign.
The first billboard, situated on the highly-trafficked Winston Hill M2 motorway and Southern Cross Drive in Sydney, puts it plainly by stating, “Home loans are necessary, using banks is not”, followed by a link to the HashChing website. ... READ MORE ›

December 11, 2018

Why a 'prenup' is needed in home loan help from the Bank of Mum and Dad

Lenders are urging children to sign "prenuptial" property contracts with their parents as unregulated Bank of Mum and Dad lending explodes from a cottage industry into a booming $20 billion sector.
Parents are lending cash or providing security for six in 10 first-time home buyers, a record three-fold increase in as many years as falling property prices create opportunities for young buyers excluded from the market during the boom.... READ MORE ›

December 11, 2018

Sydney first homebuyers score ‘huge’ apartment after one year of saving

Hugo Da Silva and Bindi Cormack bought their first home in Sydney after saving for less than a year. Here’s how you can do it too.
Sydney couple Hugo Da Silva and Bindi Cormack decided to take the plunge and buy their first property last January.
Less than a year later, they’re now the proud owners of a “huge” three-bedroom apartment — but despite that impressive feat, they insist it’s not an impossible dream.... READ MORE ›

December 6, 2018

57% won’t use CBA if commissions scrapped

More than half of brokers have said they will cancel their accreditation with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) or avoid using the lender unless necessary, if the fee for service model comes into play.
This is according to mortgage marketplace HashChing, which surveyed a cross-section of its brokers on a number of topics, including CBA CEO Matt Comyn’s recommendations during the Royal Commission.
The research found that 57% of brokers would not use the bank, either by cancelling their accreditation or simply not using them.... READ MORE ›

December 5, 2018

Top tips for property investors

Property investment is a preferred mode of wealth creation across the world. However, not every investor ends up building an expansive property portfolio. While some investors are satisfied with a second or third home, there are others who own several properties and continue to buy more.
According to ATO statistics, there are about 2 million individual investors in Australia. Out of this, about 75 per cent investors own only one investment property.... READ MORE ›

December 4, 2018

RBA leaves cash rate unchanged through 2018 at 1.5 percent at December meeting

The December meeting of the RBA has seen the cash rate remain on hold at 1.5 percent.
It has now stayed at record lows for 28 consecutive months, and 26 consecutive meetings.
The August rate hold marked the two year anniversary of the last change to the cash rate by the RBA.
Australian mortgage holders could "go a decade without experiencing an increase in official interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), says mortgage broker 1300HomeLoan Managing Director John Kolenda.... READ MORE ›

November 25, 2018

Off-the-plan units warning as more buyers settle at lower valuations

With property prices are falling across Sydney and Melbourne, people who bought off the plan some time ago and are only settling now who are likely to be in for a rude shock.
Three out of 10 off-the-plan apartments that settled in September in Sydney were settled for a lower valuation than the original contract sale price, figures from property researcher CoreLogic show. That is more than double the percentage a year ago. ... READ MORE ›

November 16, 2018

‘Best interest’ duty a ‘bad outcome’ for consumers: HashChing

Introducing a “best interests” duty for brokers would have the unintended consequence of reducing competition and be a “bad outcome” for consumers, the chief operating officer of a mortgage marketplace has warned.
Speaking at a breakfast event hosted by the Australian Computer Society in Sydney on Thursday (15 November), the chief operating officer of mortgage marketplace HashChing, Siobhan Hayden, provided an overview of how the fintech is providing more transparency in the mortgage process and benefitting consumers by partnering them with qualified brokers.
Following... READ MORE ›

November 16, 2018

Does faster in fintech always mean better?

HashChing's COO isn't banking on speed.
The average Aussie doesn't mind waiting a few weeks to get their home loan settled, as long as the rates are good, the experience is easy and they're dealing with a professional. This is what three-year-old fintech startup HashChing is banking on, according to its chief operating officer Siobhan Hayden.
HashChing is an online mortgage marketplace that connects borrowers and brokers through an automated, online platform and is part of a growing number of fintechs looking at improving the traditional bank home loan experience in Australia.... READ MORE ›

November 13, 2018

How one fintech is changing the mortgage industry And why traditional banks think they’re too big to fail.

Customers choosing home loans have traditionally either negotiated directly with banks or worked with a broker to secure the best loan that particular broker could find them.
But with hundreds of lending products on the market and many brokers working with panels that limited them to a small subset of loans, consumers lacked the information to ensure they were getting the best rates and product features.... READ MORE ›

November 9, 2018

Why Mandeep Sodhi had to leave Westpac to set up HashChing

HashChing is an online marketplace for home loans that has settled $1.1 billion worth of mortgages through the platform since it was launched in 2015.
It's not how CEO and founder Mandeep Sodhi originally envisioned things. He had recognised the need for a different approach to home lending when he was at Westpac, and talked to the bank about his ideas.
"The whole idea was shut down immediately," he says. So he left the bank and set up HashChing himself.
Sodhi acknowledges the challenges big businesses face when trying to innovate, but believes they can be tackled. "I would have... READ MORE ›

November 8, 2018

SMEs to increasingly lean on smaller lenders

Small businesses will be increasingly turning to smaller or specialist lenders in the aftermath of the Hayne royal commission, a recent study has found.
Smaller and specialist lenders are expected to continue gaining market share as small businesses, like consumers, increasingly turn to them following fallout from the financial services royal commission, according to 50 per cent of the respondents to a finder.com.au RBA survey.
Other studies paint a similar picture, such as Scottish Pacific’s latest SME Growth Index, which showed that small businesses are warming up to non-ba... READ MORE ›

November 6, 2018

1 in 10 brokers say customers could be in serious debt

A new survey of brokers signals “tough times ahead” for mortgagors, with one in 10 suggesting that many of their clients could be in serious debt.
According to a new HashChing survey of its broker network, 10 per cent of brokers believe that many of their clients are in serious debt, and more than one-third reported seeing a significant number of borrowers with little or no equity in their home over the last three months.
Siobhan Hayden, COO of HashChing, said that these findings, combined with potential further interest rate hikes next year, “suggest that Australian borr... READ MORE ›

November 6, 2018

Remuneration practices, regulatory reform up next at royal commission

After the release of its interim report at the end of September, the royal commission will resume its public hearings on 19 November to tackle the causes of misconduct, expectations of financial services providers in relation to culture, governance, and remuneration practices, and address possible responses through regulatory reform.
The hearings will also consider the role of ASIC and APRA in supervising the actions of financial services entities and how they should deter misconduct and take action when it has occurred.... READ MORE ›

November 6, 2018

RBA decides November cash rate

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced its decision on the November cash rate.
The board met on Tuesday 6 November to discuss whether the rate should remain the same or whether it was necessary to increase or decrease the rate.
Governor of the RBA Philip Lowe announced at 2.30pm the rate would be staying the same at 1.50%.
The rate has now been the same for 27 consecutive months and many analysts believe it will remain at this rate into 2019 and possibly to 2020.... READ MORE ›

October 21, 2018

Mortgage brokers reveal the surprise reasons loans are rejected

ONE would-be property investor got the shock of her life when she had her $735,000 loan pre-approval slashed to $500,000, despite getting a promotion with more money.
IMAGINE scoring a promotion, with more money coming in, only for the bank to decide you were worth $235,000 less.
That is what happened to 36-year-old professional Shruti Chaturvedi, who was on the wrong side of a lending crackdown on property investors.
At the beginning of this year I was planning to buy an investment property,” Ms Chaturvedi said.... READ MORE ›

October 17, 2018

NAB have the most expensive home loan rates of the big four: HashChing

NAB's low home loan rate has been queried as higher than portrayed.
Praised recently as the only big four bank to keep its variable interest rates stable in the recent out of cycle rate hikes, HashChing calculates NAB already had the highest variable rates of the big four.
HashChing's claim was based on the loan rates for each of the big four banks averaged across HashChing’s data from June, July, and August. ... READ MORE ›

October 3, 2018


This week you and I are joined by Siobhan Hayden, the COO and Board Advisor of HashChing a progressive and innovative fintech start-up. HashChing is Australia’s first online marketplace for customers to access verified mortgage brokers.
Siobhan is also a Director of Running for Premature Babies and former CEO of The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) the peak industry body providing service and representation to more than 12,500 Professional Finance Brokers.... READ MORE ›

October 2, 2018

Borrowers refinancing with lenders who aren't raising rates: HashChing survey

A quarter of brokers in the RBA survey conducted by online home loan marketplace HashChing have seen clients trying to refinance to banks which aren't raising their rates.
Siobhan Hayden, COO of online home loan marketplace HashChing, said it's no surprise.
“As expected, the Royal Commission into banking and recent variable rate hikes has severely battered consumer confidence and trust," she said.... READ MORE ›

September 20, 2018

Buyers seeking home loan approval need to be aware of five ‘red flags’

PROSPECTIVE buyers across Australia need to be aware of the five ‘red flags’ that lenders look for if they wish to successfully obtain a home loan.
New research from home loan comparison site HashChing has revealed that house hunters with bizarre spending habits, questionable credit history, unstable employment, a criminal record or who hide expenses are less likely to receive approval for a home loan.... READ MORE ›

September 20, 2018

Mandeep Sodhi, Co-Founder of HashChing – Founder Interview

It’s a cruel twist – an entrepreneur leaves a good job to have a go at shaking-up the market for home loans and then finds he now can’t qualify for a loan himself!
We have the honour of being Australia’s first fintech hub, and HashChing was one of our earliest start-ups, so we have a real soft spot for them. But my own involvement with HashChing goes deeper.
Mandeep once challenged me to consider re-financing my own mortgage with HashChing. If I believed in them why wouldn’t I give them a go? And so I did!... READ MORE ›

September 17, 2018

Top reasons for home loan rejection revealed

As lending policies tighten and record numbers of investor loan applications get knocked back, new data has revealed some key red flags for lenders in new home loan applications.
Online broking marketplace HashChing conducted a survey of its broker network, which found that 41 per cent of brokers believe one-quarter of mortgages approved last year would not make the cut this year.
There are common characteristics in those mortgages that are sailing close to the ... READ MORE ›

September 14, 2018

How to tell if you’re at risk of a home loan rejection from the banks

MORE and more Aussies are at risk of being rejected for home loans due to banking crackdowns and household financial stress.
In fact, new data from HashChing has revealed 41 per cent of brokers believe more than a quarter of home loan borrowers who secured a loan last year would not be successful if they applied for the same mortgage today.
So how can you tell if you’re in danger of being knocked back?... READ MORE ›

September 4, 2018

Cash rate announced by RBA

After more than two years of a consistent cash rate, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has made its decision on the cash rate for September.
For the 25th consecutive month, the rate will be held at 1.50%.
Experts predicting the decision unanimously predicted this would be the case.
One hundred percent of experts surveyed by Finder.com.au believed the rate would remain the same, citing low inflation, employment figures and low wage growth, as well as global factors.
One hundred percent of brokers surveyed by HashChing also believed the rate would remain the same. Seventy-n... READ MORE ›

September 4, 2018

One in four homeowners would fail mortgage test

One in four homeowners given home loans last year would fail new bank tests if they came into effect today, according to a new broker survey.
Extravagant spending habits will work against mortgage applicants as banks increase their scrutiny on actual living expenses.
Lenders are replacing the traditional household expenditure test with increased analysis of how much applicants spend in restaurants, on Netflix or even tollroads, reports The Gympie Times.
And according to the survey of brokers, a massive 41 per cent believe 25 per cent of last year’s... READ MORE ›

September 4, 2018

REVEALED: A quarter of homeowners would now FAIL mortgage tests after banks crack down on lending

A shocking survey has found that one in four homeowners would fail mortgage tests if they applied for a home loan today.
Banks are cracking down on living expenses, which is making it hard for Australians to get approval for a home loan.
Australians' expenses are being examined under a microscope with banks trawling through everything from online shopping, Netflix habits and how often they use a tollway. ... READ MORE ›

September 3, 2018

One in four homeowners would fail new mortgage tests as banks crack down on living expenses

A SHOCK new broker survey has revealed one in four homeowners given home loans last year would fail new bank tests if they applied today.
Everything from Netflix habits, to your online spending spree, and even how many times you chose to use the tollway rather than take the long way around are going under credit microscope.
“Banks are reviewing an applicant’s actual expenses, rather than using the traditional household expenditure measure method” this year according to the latest HashChing broker survey.... READ MORE ›

August 20, 2018

Brokers should focus on advice, not admin: HashChing

Brokers should remember that advice is their “key currency” and should reduce time spent on low-value administrative tasks, according to the COO of a mortgage marketplace.
There are a number of changes that brokers could be facing, including changes to remuneration, but what cannot be disputed is the value of a broker’s advice, the COO of HashChing, Siobhan Hayden, reminded attendees at the third annual National Finance Brokers Day event in Sydney last week.... READ MORE ›

August 3, 2018

Stressed Millennials 'smashed' by poor advice, rising rates, falling prices

More than half of Millennial property investors are stressed by their finances and blame lousy advice for having to cut back spending, or work second jobs, to make ends meet, according to a national survey.
Millennials, the generation typically born in the early 1980s, have been mocked about their spendthrift life styles, typified by "smashed avocado on toast" restaurant breakfasts, rather than saving a deposit for their mortgage. ... READ MORE ›

July 10, 2018

Tight mortgage regulations need revising, analyst says

Online mortgage marketplace HashChing recently urged Australian banks to find a middle ground when approving customers’ loans.
Lending regulations have gone overboard, said Chief Customer Officer Siobhan Hayden said, and the tightening restrictions have, at times, become the reason for the unnecessary disapproval of loan applications.
HashChing’s recent broker survey showed that 73% of respondents believed most customers whose mortgages were changing from interest-only to principal and interest would opt to refinance.... READ MORE ›

July 7, 2018

Banks need lending middle ground

Mortgage marketplace HashChing has said banks need to find a middle ground when it comes to approving loans.
Chief customer officer Siobhan Hayden has said banks tightening their lending restrictions have “gone too far the other way” and are “rejecting loans unnecessarily”.
In a recent survey of brokers, 73% believed the majority of customers whose mortgages were converting from interest-only to principal and interest would be seeking refinancing.... READ MORE ›

June 30, 2018

'Rent-vesting' not all it's cracked up to be

If you are a renter and a landlord at the same time, you're a "rent-vestor". It's often touted as the best of both worlds, allowing you to live where you want in a rental property, while someone else pays off the mortgage on your investment property.
But perhaps it’s not all that it's cracked up to be. Rent-vesting is the most stressful situation for homeowners, with 56 per cent of rent-vestors giving it a stress rating of six or higher out of a score of 10 in a new survey by online mortgage marketplace HashChing.
The survey of 700 Australian homeowners also found that rent-vestors... READ MORE ›

June 20, 2018

Can rentvestors really have their cake and it too?

Crack out the peppermint tea and go for a walk, rentvestors; it turns out you are the most stressed property owners and you need to calm down.
New data from online mortgage marketplace HashChing has suggested that rentvesting might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
It found that 56 per cent of people living in a rental property while leasing out their mortgaged property give their lifestyle a stress rating of six or higher, with 10 the highest stress rating.... READ MORE ›

June 15, 2018

NSW borrowers getting better rates than Queenslanders

Lenders are providing better loan rates to their customers in New South Wales than in Queensland, according to recent findings by mortgage marketplace HashChing.
An analysis of HashChing’s settlement data from March 2017 to April 2018 across 11 lenders found that lower interest rates were provided to customers in NSW than in Queensland.
The banks that were found to be offering the “least similar” rates across the two states were ANZ Bank, Bankwest and AMP, with average interest rates in NSW in the threes, compared to the fours in Queensland. ... READ MORE ›

June 14, 2018

Is your bank charging you more because you’re a Queenslander?

SHOCK new research claims Queenslanders are being charged more on their mortgages than New South Wales’ homebuyers, with half the Big Four banks among the major culprits.
The year-long analysis by mortgage marketplace HashChing analysed home loan rates offered by 11 of the largest lenders in the country with one Big Four bank in particular named and shamed.
“The biggest discrepancy was found with ANZ, whose rates differed by 39.57 basis points between the two states,” HashChing found.
“This difference means Queenslanders who bank with ANZ are paying nearly two thousan... READ MORE ›

June 11, 2018

Mortgage headaches for over half of homeowners

Homeownership is an ideal ingrained in Australian culture, and while this aspiration is achievable, many Perth homeowners recently admitted mortgage repayments caused immense stress and resulted in considerable lifestyle changes.
A recent survey conducted by online mortgage marketplace HashChing revealed 53 per cent of Western Australian borrowers were struggling with stress because of home mortgage repayments, as a significant proportion of their income was spent paying off the loan that enabled them to purchase a home.
HashChing Chief Operating Officer Siobhan Hayden said she spoke... READ MORE ›

June 7, 2018

Mortgage marketplace automates expenses collection

Online mortgage marketplace, HashChing, has partnered with Equifax to automate the collection and categorisation of income and expense receipts.
The partnership hopes to lessen the amount of time brokers spend sorting through paperwork and bank statements in order to accurately determine a borrower’s expenses.
By integrating Equifax’s MOGO software into its platform, HashChing will be able to provide its brokers with secure digital access to their clients’ complete 90-day transaction history. ... READ MORE ›

June 6, 2018

Mortgage group's "mortgage hell" billboard above CBA

Online mortgage startup HashChing is advertising with a billboard above a Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) branch.
The home loan marketplace has launched a campaign against the big banks, which includes this billboard in the Melbourne CBD. The slogan reads, “Our brokers will go to mortgage hell, so you don’t have to”.
Mandeep Sodhi, CEO of HashChing, said the new billboard made light of the fact that applying for a mortgage or refinancing an existing one can be quite an onerous experience.... READ MORE ›

May 28, 2018

HashChing granted $700,000 government loan to create new jobs

The online mortgage marketplace has been granted a $700,000 loan from Jobs for NSW.
The loan is expected to help HashChing create 46 new jobs in the next five years.
“The Jobs for NSW Strategic Growth Loan will allow the company to hire software developers, product developers, a data scientist and sales and marketing staff to support HashChing’s continued growth,” Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said.
HashChing founder and CEO Mandeep Sodhi said that the loan will allow the company to invest in the resources required to continue “expan... READ MORE ›

May 16, 2018

HashChing eyes white label mortgages

The mortgage marketplace has launched a crowdfunding campaign in a bid to help facilitate its growth plans, which include rolling out its own white label loans.
On Tuesday (15 May), mortgage marketplace HashChing launched a crowdfunding campaign with the target of raising $5 million to fund its growth ambitions.
HashChing has invited interested parties — including brokers, investors and borrowers — to invest a minimum of $250 in the mortgage platform via Sydney-based crowdfunding platform Equitise.
Speaking to The Adviser, HashChing CEO Mandeep Sodhi said: “[The] c... READ MORE ›

May 14, 2018

WA struggling most with mortgages

Western Australian residents are struggling with their mortgages more than any other state in Australia, according to a new survey.
Over 700 home owners surveyed found that 53 percent were stressed, according to the survey by online mortgage marketplace HashChing.
Victoria were second with 50 percent stressed with high mortgages, followed by NSW with 50 percent.
South Australia had the lowest percentage with 45, then Queensland with 46 percent.... READ MORE ›

May 9, 2018

Here's what 14 CEOs are saying about the 2018 federal budget

As always, there are the winners and losers in the federal budget.
Among the measures that affect businesses, tech and science projects will be getting more funding, personal and business tax cuts are coming, there are reforms to open banking, changes to the research and development tax incentive, increased investment in AI and machine learning, and funding set aside for a new Australian Space Agency.
Here’s what 16 CEOs in a variety of industries are saying about the budget.... READ MORE ›

April 21, 2018

Generation X struggle most in repayments

Generation X is struggling the most when it comes to paying back mortgages, according to a recent survey.
Almost 75% of respondents said they were not confident about making their monthly payments. Nearly a quarter were combining upward of 30% of their total household income to their current home loan.
The research, undertaken by market research agency Feedilicious, surveyed mortgage holders across all states and regions. It found the age group 35-44 struggle the most in all aspects of making mortgage payments.... READ MORE ›

April 13, 2018

FINNIES: The Australian fintech startups disrupting home loans

A new type of fintech company is helping home buyer owners save on their home loans, using technology to drive competition and take business from the big banks.
The differences between mortgage deals offered by the big four banks are hard to spot and even harder to work out when looking for a home loan deal, according to an investigation by the consumer watchdog, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).
The watchdog says there are signs of “less-than-vigorous” price competition in Australia’s $1.75 trillion mortgage lending industry.... READ MORE ›

March 15, 2018

Use fintech apps to grow your wealth

Fintech (finance-technology) startups have exploded in the past five years, shaking up traditional product and service offerings in banking, insurance and superannuation; industries long overdue for disruption.
Digital "non-bank" platforms and apps are promising to demystifying complex financial processes, personalise customer experience and offer round-the-clock convenience. Whether you're paying off debt, budgeting, getting started with investing or saving for retirement, there is likely to be a fintech app to help you.... READ MORE ›

February 2, 2018

HashChing taps Pepper Group's Tuttle for board role

Online mortgage broking marketplace HashChing has several irons in the fire as it ramps up its local expansion plans.
Street Talk can reveal the company has lured former Pepper Group co-chief executive Patrick Tuttle as a non-executive director. He joins HashChing co-founder Mandeep Sodhi, Global Growth Cap partner Harsh Patel and Sapien Ventures executive chairman Victor Jiang on the board.
Tuttle is said to have been impressed by the company's technology platform and participated in an earlier capital raising round. He also knew Sodhi during his time at Pepper.... READ MORE ›

January 9, 2018

How to beat the banks at their own game: use this home loan cheat sheet

WITH interest rates expected to head north this year — and the banks to follow suit — you’ll need to know to beat them at their own game.
Online mortgage marketplace HashChing and independent consultancy Digital Finance Analytics have shared their top eight mortgage predictions for 2018.
Here’s your very own home loan cheat sheet:... READ MORE ›

January 5, 2018

Five lessons learned from my first failed business that helped get the next one off the ground

Telling my father I was starting my own company was not an easy conversation. As with many Indian families, he’d always expected that I would become a doctor, or an engineer, or a lawyer – one of the “safe” professions where hard work was rewarded with a steady and sizeable pay cheque.
As such, he packed me off to Australia not long after I finished high school to study software engineering.
After graduating I worked as a business analyst and consultant for one of the big four banks and various financial groups for over ten years. However, I became increasingly discontent wo... READ MORE ›

December 16, 2017

Switch banks? Aussies are shifting to smaller lenders for better mortgage deals

Data from mortgage broker HashChing has found 53 per cent of their 1800 home loan refinancing applications each month are from Big Four customers on the lookout for a better deal. The data shows 37 per cent were from Commonwealth Bank, 23 per cent from ANZ, 21 per cent from National Australia Bank and 19 per cent from Westpac.... READ MORE ›

December 15, 2017

HashChing hires former Westpac exec as co-founder steps down

Online mortgage marketplace HashChing has appointed a former Westpac solutions architect to its leadership team, after co-founding partner Atul Narang stepping down.
Vajira Amarasekera has been appointed as HashChing’s new chief technology officer (CTO) in a bid to help the platform grow.
Mr Amarasekera has previously held leadership roles at Westpac, Object Consulting and NSW Department of Finance and Services.
He commented: “I’m excited to join the team and help lead the next wave of disruption in the mortgage industry.... READ MORE ›

December 4, 2017

HashChing — Australia’s First Online Home Loan Marketplace Offers Borrowers Lower Rates and Affordable Refinancing Options

Shopping for a home loan can be a confusing and frustrating experience, and most people are never sure they’ve gotten the best terms and rates available. Founded in 2015 to add transparency to the lending process, HashChing is Australia’s first online marketplace for consumers looking to buy or refinance a home.... READ MORE ›

October 4, 2017

NSW mortgage rates differ by 1.91%

According to the research, which looked at more than 700 loans settled through HashChing brokers between 27 February 2017 and 4 September 2017, there was a difference of nearly 2 per cent (1.91 per cent) in mortgage rates in the eastern state. Looking at the loans, the highest rates of difference were in the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and the North Shore, at 1.83 per cent, 1.65 per cent and 1.51 per cent, respectively. The lowest average disparity in rates was for those living in the Western Suburbs, where the range was 0.97 per cent. The data indicated that new owner-occupied loans acros... READ MORE ›

October 3, 2017

Data Shows Mortgage Rates Vary Within The Same Post Code

New research from HashChing and Digital Finance Analytics shows a massive discrepancy in home loan interest rates across NSW, with vast differences in rates even within the same suburbs. Data shows that in some cases, neighbours are paying up to $87,027 more for new owner occupied loans (105 basis point disparity), and $201,704 more for refinanced owner occupied loans (235 basis point disparity). The calculation is based on an average home loan of $500,000 over 25 years. Those borrowers paying higher rates are essentially adding an extra three years of mortgage repayments (34 months) compare... READ MORE ›

September 22, 2017

IDC names top 10 fastest growing fintech companies in A/NZ

IDC Financial Insights has unveiled a list of 10 fast-growing fintechs in Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) as part of the broader FinTech 101 list for Asia/Pacific.
“IDC’s FinTech Fast 101” refers to the fast-growing fintech players in Asia/Pacific based on extensive on-ground analysis of the dominant fintech players within the region.... READ MORE ›

September 18, 2017

HashChing Launches New GroupBuy Solution

Two years after launching its online mortgage broking platform, HashChing says it is shaking up the home loans industry once again with a new GroupBuy solution. They claim the potential savings are huge by flipping the usual power dynamic of a bank and borrower. Customers join a group with similar lending requirements (such as refinancing an existing home loan), and participating banks and lenders bid against each other to win that group’s combined home loan portfolio.... READ MORE ›

September 15, 2017

Group push to force lenders to drop rates to record lows

A fresh push to force lenders to slash interest rates to as low as 3 per cent could be a gamechanger for Queensland families.
With the lowest individual refinancing rate already 3.49 per cent, there’s growing hope that group buying could drive down costs further, becoming as commonplace as lotto syndicates.... READ MORE ›

September 15, 2017

Three ways you could cut mortgage stress and get into a property

With mortgage debt and property prices at all-time highs, and wage growth at all-time lows, many are stressed and struggling to pay down mortgages.
Almost one in four households is in mortgage stress and do not have enough income to cover mortgage repayments and other living expenses.
For those in that situation, there are some interesting ways to cope with getting a foothold in the housing market.... READ MORE ›

August 18, 2017

Mortgage marketplace unveils upgraded broker dashboard

Mortgage marketplace HashChing has overhauled its broker dashboard, adding a number of features that let brokers visualise, track and boost their performance. The cornerstone of the upgrade is a set of performance analytics which measure personal metrics such as the number of reviews, average response time and success rate for each individual broker. Brokers can use the dashboard to improve their service and see how far they need to progress before becoming a premium broker.... READ MORE ›

July 25, 2017

CommSec founder Paul Rickard is investing in HashChing and joining its board

CommSec founder Paul Rickard and finance media figure Marty Switzer are joining the board of Australian online mortgage marketplace startup HashChing after joining in the company’s $6 million capital raising round.
“The HashChing business model of connecting home loan borrowers with customer reviewed brokers and the best rates is unique, and I am excited by the investment opportunity,” said Rickard. ... READ MORE ›

July 20, 2017

What modern-day CIOS must provide startups, according to the FinTech award CIO of the year

Today’s startup culture is faster paced than ever, and CIOs play a crucial role in keeping the company on an even keel. It isn’t just about aligning the company’s technology strategy with its business strategy anymore. Any CIO worth their salt needs to be bringing innovative ideas to the table and actively engaging with stakeholders to bring them onboard. Here are a few key areas that the CIO of a tech startup needs... READ MORE ›

July 11, 2017

Sydney fintech HashChing just digitised conveyancing

Online mortgage marketplace HashChing has announced a new partnership for digital conveyancing. The Sydney fintech is now offering the services of electronic conveyancing marketplace Titleexchange, with the pilot limited to Victoria for now before a general rollout later. HashChing chief information officer Atul Naranag said that the legal paperwork can be a bottleneck in the traditional home purchase process. “Borrowers are at the mercy of conveyancers, who can sometimes drag the process out unnecessarily and worse – charge more for their own delay,” he said. The integration into th... READ MORE ›

June 23, 2017

FinTech companies should aim for the best in the world

The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Senator Arthur Sinodinos, said last night at the 2nd Annual Fintech Awards that Australian FinTech companies should aim to be the best in the world.
I have often said that I want Australia to be the best in the world at Cyber Security.... READ MORE ›

June 13, 2017

HashChing receives Top 10 spot in Smart 100 2017 index

They’re innovative, Australian, highly commercial and they’re changing the world, one idea at a time.
Yes, it’s time to reveal this year’s SMART 100 index. The maven judges have cast their votes and their combined wisdom has unveiled a truly remarkable winner.
This year’s overall winner has created a novel way to prevent storm damaged homes from experiencing even more storm damage.... READ MORE ›

May 31, 2017

Steve Baxter urges start-ups to get educated on ESIC

Prominent tech entrepreneur Steve Baxter has urged start-ups to stop ignoring the generous tax breaks available to their investors if they achieve Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) status.
Mr Baxter, who co-founded telco Pipe Networks which was sold to David Teoh's TPG for $373 million in 2009, and is now a major investor in start-ups himself, said the generosity of the tax concessions was under-appreciated.
Investors in an ESIC are eligible for a 20 per cent tax offset (capped at $200,000 per investor per year for 'sophisticated' investors and $50,000 for other investors) and wo... READ MORE ›

May 28, 2017

Borrowers warned to brace for across-the-board mortgage rate increases

Despite official interest rates being on hold at an historic low of 1.5 per cent since August 2016, mortgage rates have been rising over that time.
Experts say mortgage rates will be hiked even further as a result of the government's proposed levy on the big four banks and Macquarie Bank, to start from July 1. ... READ MORE ›

May 24, 2017

Average refinancing settlement reaches 17 days

The average time to settle a home loan refinance application is 17 days, new research from an online mortgage marketplace has revealed.
In a data snapshot of 1,021 customers, HashChing found that the average time taken to settle a home loan refinance application is 17 days, but that it can “take up to a month” for borrowers to get everything in order.
HashChing has been warning mortgage holders against waiting to refinance their home loan, stating that the proposed ‘big bank levy’ — due to come into force on 1 July — could lead to the major banks increasing their rates.... READ MORE ›

May 18, 2017

ALI Group in lead generation agreement with fintech

Loan protection specialist ALI Group has partnered with HashChing to provide mortgage brokers with access to a consistent source of new leads.
The partnership will now provide ALI authorised mortgage brokers the opportunity to use their ALI reward points to access HashChing leads and client tools.
“We’re excited to partner with HashChing to help brokers build their business. We’re committed to supporting broker businesses and helping them access leads and new clients is a very direct way of doing this,” ALI Group CEO Huy Truong said.... READ MORE ›

May 11, 2017

Aussies getting ‘fleeced’ by major banks, says HashChing

A recent analysis conducted by the online mortgage marketplace has claimed that borrowers with the big four are paying up to $90,000 more than they need to for their home loans.
By comparing the fixed and variable rates offered by the big four banks with those available through the HashChing platform, the analysis revealed it was possible to save up to $90,000 over the life of a home loan. HashChing pointed out that according to the RBA, one-third of borrowers have less than a month’s worth of breathing room around their mortgage, with millions of Australians at risk of falling behind o... READ MORE ›

March 27, 2017

Bank exodus sparks Hashching evolution

Sapien Venture’s first Australian fintech vehicle, Hashching, will raise a further $6 million to up-scale it's online platform and integrate new technology opportunities to further “streamline” the mortgage process. With Hashching now in receipt of some $5 billion in home loan applications, chief executive Mandeep Sodhi, said the time is right to roll the dice on economies of scale. “Now is the time to double down on our competitive advantage,” he said. According to Sodhi, the new capital will “turbocharge” growth, inflate brand awareness and provide a platform for further mar... READ MORE ›

March 24, 2017

HashChing on growth path with capital raising

Jobs for NSW backed online mortgage marketplace HashChing is set to embark on a $6 million capital raising to “turbo-charge” growth and implement new technology after receiving almost $5 billion in home loan applications.
HashChing is Australia’s first online marketplace where borrowers can access pre-negotiated home loan deals via verified mortgage brokers from more than 60 banks and lenders without having to shop around.... READ MORE ›

March 23, 2017

Fintechs like HashChing cash in on bank lending limits to curb property boom

As regulators weigh new limits on bank lending to cool the housing boom, their impact may be muted as tech-savvy borrowers turn to fintechs to access cheaper rates offered by non-bank lenders. Hashching is raising $6 million of fresh equity on the Neu Capital fundraising platform in a deal valuing the Sydney-based start-up – which gives borrowers access to the best interest rates negotiated by mortgage brokers – at $40 million.... READ MORE ›

March 15, 2017

Homeowners urged to ditch the big banks to find lower rate

Homeowners in the west are paying well above Sydney’s average interest rate, with residents in the Blacktown and Hills areas the hardest hit. A study by Mortgage comparison site HashChing has revealed that owners in The Ponds, Doonside, Quakers Hill, Campbelltown and Stanhope Gardens are paying as high as 7.88 per cent on their mortgage repayments. The average rate in Sydney is 4.46 per cent. This compares to Parramatta, where the average is 4.69 per cent, Penrith (4.81 per cent) and Liverpool (4.71 per cent). HashChing CEO Mandeep Sodhi said that owners should continually be looking for a b... READ MORE ›

March 9, 2017

Home loan startup HashChing has just signed a landmark deal with CGU Insurance

Loan marketplace app HashChing has announced a new partnership with CGU Insurance. The startup has revealed that all customers that settle a new or refinanced mortgage through its platform will now receive 25% off their home insurance premium from HashChing if they buy a policy with CGU. HashChing founder and chief executive Mandeep Sodhi said that his company specifically wanted to secure “a great deal” on home insurance for its clients, since it is a compulsory part of the property purchase process.... READ MORE ›

March 2, 2017

Top 10 things brokers should do to succeed

The former CEO of the MFAA and current chief operating officer of HashChing Siobhan Hayden has identified 10 things mortgage brokers should focus on to maximise returns. Ms Hayden, who was the head of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) before stepping down abruptly last year, has said that the following tips could help broking businesses thrive in a “rapidly changing” environment and “stay ahead of the curve” in an increasingly-competitive industry.... READ MORE ›

February 27, 2017

HashChing changes website following customer feedback

Online mortgage marketplace HashChing has added several new features to its website in an effort to simplify the home loan comparison process for customers. Key changes include a geotargeting feature that automatically directs visitors to negotiated deals available in their state, a new predictive analytics engine and a deal comparison option that enables customers to compare up to three deals side-by-side. HashChing CIO Atul Narang said the decision to add new features to the site was driven by feedback from customers, who said it was taking too long to find the best mortgage deal due to al... READ MORE ›

February 8, 2017

Suburbs paying too much for their mortgages

IF YOU are living in these suburbs, it may be time to check your mortgage because you could be getting ripped off. Data from online mortgage marketplace, HashChing, has revealed the suburbs in our biggest capital cities where borrowers are paying interest rates much higher than the capital city average.... READ MORE ›

February 2, 2017

Robo-advice using algorithms are replacing financial planners

The next adviser who offers you a loan or investment opportunity might be a robot. And you could be really happy about that. You might trust them more than a human ­financial planner to deliver totally independent advice. Well, that’s your call.... READ MORE ›

December 19, 2016

Hayden becomes COO of mortgage marketplace

The former CEO of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia, Siobhan Hayden, has become the new chief operating officer of marketplace and home loan deal gateway HashChing... READ MORE ›

November 23, 2016

Hashching creates virtual ID system for first fully-digital loan approvals

Hashching, a website for home buyers to choose mortgage brokers, has built the first fully-digital process for home loan verification in Australia, which would allow banks to comply with strict regulations for identifying clients without having to send them to a branch... READ MORE ›

November 18, 2016

Why you should never give up on mortgage discounts

VALAY Shah is a great example of how it pays to never give up chasing a better deal on your mortgage. Mr Shah used online marketplace HashChing, which connects borrowers to highly-rated mortgage broker in their area.... READ MORE ›

October 26, 2016

HashChing named as the Emerging Star in Global Fintech 100 2016 report

HashChing has the potential to carve out a niche in the Australian lending space, traditionally dominated by the big four banks. The validation of our product is visible from the $2 billion worth of home loan applications we have processed so far and the more than 1,200 brokers that are registered on our platform ... READ MORE ›

October 24, 2016

Artificial Intelligence driving HashChing growth

We’ve built an algorithm which learns from brokers’ behaviour. The purpose of doing this is to make sure all the good brokers get as many good deals as possible... READ MORE ›

October 19, 2016

Broker platform hits $2bn milestone

An online portal that connects brokers with borrowers has doubled the value of loans negotiated through the platform in only three months.
HashChing reached its first $1 billion loan milestone within a year of operation. Now, three months later, it has doubled that figure to over $2 billion worth of home loan applications sent to almost 300 mortgage brokers registered on the platform.... READ MORE ›

October 12, 2016

Making technology work for you

Mortgage brokers, in a way, have alleviated some basic problems that plagued the mortgage industry, providing on-demand service, choice and hand-holding during the entire interaction with lenders. However, many unsuspecting borrowers choose to approach lenders directly, thanks to the lack of trust caused by popular misconceptions about brokers receiving conflicting remunerations or being influenced by lender commissions.... READ MORE ›

September 19, 2016

Fintech boom "exciting time" for mortgage industry

Former Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) chief executive Siobhan Hayden believes her decision to join the advisory board of fintech platform HashChing is one that will see her join an organisation that will be at the forefront of the industry’s digital evolution.After stepping down from her MFAArole in June, Hayden last week announced she would join the HashChing board alongside financial services regulatory lawye... READ MORE ›

September 12, 2016

Hashching cracking fintech's glass ceiling

Like the global technology industry more broadly, Australia's fintech scene is a very male-dominated world.While MoneyBrilliant co-founder Jemma Enright and Timelio founder Charlotte Petris are obvious exceptions, Australia's fintech entrepreneurs are mostly men. So are the vast majority of their venture capitalist backers and teams of software engineers. It's a similar pattern around the globe.But Siobhan Hayden says it doesn't need to be this way. The former chief executive of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia has a message for girls seeking to start fintechs to disrupt the... READ MORE ›

August 22, 2016

Home loan launched for entrepreneurs

HashChing has rolled out a new home loan product, with no credit score requirements, aimed at the founders and owners of start-up businesses.The terms and conditions of the home loan are more favourable to people with new or existing businesses, HashChing says.The loan, provided by a “leading specialty lender”, is available to start-up businesses that have been in operation for a minimum of three months. The interest rate is 6.24 per cent (fixed) or 6.54 per cent (variable) and a maximum loan to value ratio of 80 per cent is required.... READ MORE ›

August 17, 2016

Artificial intelligence delivers brokers increasingly hot leads

The creators of a mortgage broking fintech have integrated artificial intelligence technology into the platform that continuously learns from broker behaviour to deliver leads that improve each day. Launched late last year, HashChing is a young fintech platform that matches customers to a mortgage broker in their local area for further credit advice. Speaking to The Adviser recently, HashChing founder and chief information officer Atul Narang explained that his team has integrated into the platform an algorithm that learns from brokers’ behaviour.... READ MORE ›

August 10, 2016

Borrowers urged to use brokers to beat the banks on interest

Online lending disrupter HashChing also said there were “some incredibly low rates being offered by the majors behind the scenes”... READ MORE ›

July 25, 2016

A fintech mortgage platform has broken through a significant milestone following 12 months of rapid growth

Online home loans trader HashChing announced it has passed the $1 billion mark, as momentum builds for the Sydney-based fintech in the disruption economy.After its modest launch in August 2015 with the support of ‘just a handful’ of brokers spread thinly across Australia, the platform has now put more than 1,200 loan writers into its system.HashChing CEO, Mandeep Sodhi, said the platform has been able to achieve this level of scale because of its acquisition-friendly business model — where brokers are not charged fees, nor do they pay for leads.“Brokers only pay for loan settlements, w... READ MORE ›

July 20, 2016

Sydney home loan marketplace HashChing reaches milestone of $1 billion in loans negotiated through its platform

Sydney-based home loan marketplace startup HashChing has reached a $1 billion loan milestone as the fintech space builds momentum, announcing the news at yesterday’s H2 Ventures Fintech Expo, which saw a number of H2 Accelerator graduates pitch their startups to investors and industry guests.Now in its third year, the Expo was held in Sydney’s ASX auditorium, giving guests the opportunity to have a first look at various new and innovative products from fintech startups. HashChing was among the startups who demonstrated their products to the public, with others pitching including Birch, Cur... READ MORE ›

July 14, 2016

HashChing – meet the mortgage whisperers

MEET THE MORTGAGE WHISPHERERSShhhhhhhh!!!! How these two friends are shaking up a trillion dollar market
There’s a silent revolution sweeping the $1.5 trillion dollar Australian mortgage market – and it’s been started by two friends with a secret.Dubbed the Mortgage Whispherers, Mandeep Sodhi and Atul Narang are the founders of HashChing – an online marketplace for home loan deals that are so good - the banks don’t want you to know... READ MORE ›

June 1, 2016

The genesis of HashChing

In 2014, HashChing co-founder Mandeep Sodhi and I left our jobs and set out to solve some of the bigger problems faced by Australian home loan borrowers.From personal experience, we realised that contrary to popular advice, it is almost impossible to nudge lenders for rates that are better than those they have advertised.We also found that the key to lower rates lies with the mortgage brokers and digitising the whole experience will make it a breeze, which is exactly what sets HashChing apart from other comparison websites.... READ MORE ›

May 19, 2016

More brokers to cash in on lead generator

A mortgage lead generation platform has announced a new partnership with a global technology company that will see its number of broker users skyrocket.HashChing has joined forces with DocuSign – a program that allows businesses to securely sign documents electronically and send documents for electronic signature in just minutes.Atul Narang, CIO and co-founder of HashChing, said integrating DocuSign will significantly reduce the time it takes for brokers to become act... READ MORE ›

May 12, 2016

FIRST ON 7 News: Finding cheaper home loans

In an Australian first there is a licenced comparison website that has rates the banks don’t advertise. David Koch reports... READ MORE ›

April 26, 2016

Wealthy Chinese are backing a fintech that helps you buy homes in Australia

A Sydney-based fintech startup funded by wealthy Chinese migrants is looking to disrupt the Australian mortgage broking industry, after securing a $1 million institutional round by newly established Sapien Ventures.HashChing is Australia’s first online marketplace for home-loan borrowers, giving them access to deals from verified mortgage brokers from different mortgage groups.It aims to connect consumers to local mortgage brokers based on their deal preferences. A profile is then sent for each mortgage broker that gets their bill with ratings and reviews.... READ MORE ›

April 26, 2016

How a chance meeting led to a Sydney startup securing $1 million from a new VC firm

A chance meeting at an event last year has led to a Sydney startup securing a $1 million investment, the first from a new venture capital firm backed by Chinese investors.HashChing offers a marketplace for consumers to negotiate home loan deals with individual mortgage brokers and claims to be the first of its kind in Australia to give access to pre-negotiated deals from verified mortgage brokers.The startup was founded by former banker Mandeep Sodhi and his friend Atul Narang and has now secured the funding as part of the first investment from Sapien Ventures, a new VC fund launched last year... READ MORE ›

April 26, 2016

Sapien Ventures' first fintech investment is in Hashching

Wealthy Chinese migrants will help disrupt the Australian mortgage broking industry via an investment in Hashching, an online marketplace for home loans that is putting pressure on banks and their brokers.The investment will be the first for Sapien Ventures, which was established last year by Victor Jiang and has raised a $50 million fund to invest in fintech and online marketplaces. Much of the capital has been raised from high-net-worth Chinese migrants after changes to the Significant Investor Visa program last year that require migrants bringing $5 million into Australia to invest at least... READ MORE ›

March 17, 2016

Fintech startup HashChing is an online marketplace for borrowers and mortgage brokers

Buying a house is often one of the most important and expensive decisions someone will make. As such, you want the best expert advice that is not formed from biased opinions, but it can be hard to find. Banks are biased towards their own products and are restricted when it comes to operating hours. While it’s often hard to negotiate with banks to get a good rate on a home loan, the alternative is finding a broker, who can offer more choice and customer convenience. However, the trust factor again comes into the equation, with high fees and commissions pushed by brokers fast deterrents for th... READ MORE ›

January 22, 2016

Fintech business HashChing's focus on brokers

HashChing is an online home loans marketplace that instantly connects borrowers to verified mortgage brokers registered on HashChing based on the postcode and deal selected by the borrower. Mortgage brokers verified by HashChing get access to a customised dashboard that they can access on any internet enabled device allowing them to manage leads effectively from HashChing dashboard through appointment booking, SMS reminders, document filing, property reports etc. HashChing acts as a virtual admin assistant for brokers saving them hours of work and lost leads potentially.... READ MORE ›

January 19, 2016

Mortgage financing needs another digital push

The online channel is already well embedded in the financial services industry. However, more complex financial services could be moved online if providers get serious about improving digital origination.As per our 2015 Retail Banking Insight Survey, over 56% of Australians and almost 81% of New Zealanders used online banking weekly in 2015. Everyday banking has become primarily a digital service and the dominant way customers self-service, whether this is transferring money or notifying the bank of upcoming overseas travel. The one area in which digital channels lag is product origination, pa... READ MORE ›

December 9, 2015

Broker platform inks lead deal with listed property group

Brokers stand to receive an onslaught of leads following the announcement of a strategic partnership between an ASX-listed real estate group and a broker platform.Onthehouse Holdings Limited, an ASX-listed online real estate content and services platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with HashChing to provide its visitors access to home loan deals from local mortgage brokers.Through the partnership, brokers who use the HashChing platform will have their profiles appear whenever a prospective home buyer visits Onthehouse.com.au and searches a particular suburb.Unlike mortgage compar... READ MORE ›

October 21, 2015

The need to be shrewd in the property boom: How one FinTech business ensures buyers secure the best mortgage deal

It’s said that buying a property is one of the most stressful life events. Further, mortgage lender incompetence, bank and finance problems are in the top 20 most stressful aspects of selling a property. For two people, those frustrations spawned the next big idea to hit the FinTech industry.Mandeep Sodhi, a loyal customer to his bank, thought he had secured the best rate on his home loan. Atul Narang on the other hand secured a better rate on his loan through a broker – but it wasn’t that easy, having already experienced two bad brokers. With this experience, the pair joined forces to b... READ MORE ›

September 2, 2015

HashChing: E-Business Radically Reshaping The Future Of Mortgages

A quiet revolution Is happening online that could challenge the major banks’ home loans dominion.Cyberspace, as the frontier for consumer markets, is awash with stock standard Web 2.0 companies serving up a listof competing home loan offers. Leaving the consumer to wade through, assess and apply for mortgages. Now a newplayer has appeared offering a new platform that manages this process from start to finish with minimum effort andmaximum value for the consumer."HashChing" launched its initial trial in May 2015 having raised $100,000 in seed investment. The crucial differencewith this platfo... READ MORE ›

August 14, 2015

Fintech start-up delivers hot leads to brokers

Over 800 brokers have registered their interest in a new fintech start-up that connects them to borrowers in their local area.HashChing launched in May and has made no secret about its plans to disrupt the Australian mortgage market.Unlike mortgage comparison websites that channel prospective borrowers to lenders, HashChing sends customers to a mortgage broker in their local area for further credit advice.Until July the business was offering a free trial to a select number of brokers. Since then demand for the service has surged.HashChing CEO Mandeep Sodhi told The Adviser he has 850 brokers o... READ MORE ›

August 10, 2015

Start-up delivers access to cheap mortgages

It is a never-ending battle for consumers to seek out the cheapest home loans in the market. With interest rates at record low levels, consumers are actively searching to lock in mortgages for as long as possible before interest rates start to rise and property prices begin to fall.Besides trawling through the regular financial institutions such as banks and established mortgage lenders online for the best deal, a range of loan comparison websites have entered the market.HashChing is one such company claiming to be 'Australia's first online marketplace for home loans'."HashChing is the only pl... READ MORE ›

June 26, 2015

HashChing gets top rating on Financial Innovation by Datamonitor Financial ahead of its launch

HashChing is an Australia-based online marketplace that harnesses the negotiating skills of brokers to provide competitive rates on loans and mortgages. HashChing enables brokers to reach a wider audience, but also build trust with consumers as well as developing their own brand. Consumers can post reviews of brokers and loan providers on HashChing’s website. HashChing is distinct because it fuses together the brokerage channel with pricecomparison websites....... READ MORE ›

May 25, 2015

Meet five fintech start-ups seeking to disrupt banking

In a small, modern office at the Circular Quay end of Pitt Street in Sydney, 10 fintech entrepreneurs, working for five different start-up companies, are beavering away on business models seeking to disrupt banking.Investor presentations are being honed. Websites are being updated. Developers are being quizzed. Advice is being received from one another.This group of Millennials is approaching the end of a six-month stint in the accelerator program at AWI Ventures, an incubator run by venture capitalist Toby Heap.A graffiti-covered internal wall and bright paint in two transparent conference ro... READ MORE ›