"I was looking for a lead generator I
could rely on…”

– Belinda Gibson, HashChing Partner, Mortgage Broker

12th January 2018  |  Graeme Taylor  |  4 Minute read

Belinda Gibson, Director at TM Finance Group, an award-winning boutique firm of specialist credit representatives, is a Premium HashChing broker with a strong financial background and an inherent ability to forge deep working relationships with her clients and peers.

“I was looking for a lead generator I could rely on, with quality leads coming through in the mortgage space,” says Belinda, who has been a mortgage broker for three years. She joined the platform in 2017.

She reveals her team was spending a considerable amount of money prior to using HashChing, without generating as much business. “Our marketing spend for the last financial year was $4,000. With HashChing, marketing is HashChing's expense, and we are getting the benefit of the leads coming through.”

Belinda’s practice has benefitted from the quality leads generated by the platform as well as the user reviews that are prominently featured on each broker’s dedicated profile page. “Borrowers can read the reviews and decide if they feel comfortable in choosing us,” she adds.

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Helping mortgage brokers through technology

It is a fact that brokers incur considerable costs in acquiring leads through paid internet marketing (SEM and SMM) and engaging with customers. HashChing understands the pain points of mortgage brokers and brings down their marketing costs by bringing them qualified leads through an AI-backed platform that continuously learns from broker behaviour to deliver leads that improve each day.

Brokers pay a monthly subscription fee to access the platform as well as a revenue shareon settlement, boosting confidence in the leads generated by HashChing. Besides, the platform helps brokers reach out to their target audience in their service area through promotions on HashChing and partner websites.

Another issue that HashChing irons out for mortgage brokers is customer management. It is a fact that many brokers continue to use pre-mobile CRM systems, which are cumbersome and bring down efficiency while increasing costs. HashChing sets out to solve this problem for mortgage brokers by providing them with an advanced CRM dashboard.

“We actually love the HashChing dashboard. We use it more than our aggregator software,” says Belinda. “We get direct follow-ups and we get a text message reminder, so it is the perfect platform for our business,” she adds.

HashChing’s CRM dashboard is loaded with all the business tools required to efficiently manage leads through custom reminders, document collection and other digital functions. The dashboard also includes performance metrics enabling brokers to track and boost their performance by monitoring their reviews, average response time and success rate.

Unique benefits of signing up on HashChing as a broker include:

  • No marketing expense and access to quality leads
  • Broker directory listing where you can answer user questions and directly market your services to them
  • Real users’ reviews and ratings to build trust and a strong broker profile
  • An advanced CRM Dashboard for easy management of leads with regular reminders
  • Month to Month contract with 30 days’ notice period for flexibility

Joining HashChing as a broker is quick and easy…

As a HashChing broker, you do not pay per lead. Your monthly access provides access to an advanced CRM dashboard and other productivity tools, including an AI-enabled matching process, a secure document collection platform and performance improvement analytics.

The system is designed in a way that Gold and Premium Brokers with consistently high ratings and reviews get more leads, exposure and customer opportunities, rewarding ace mortgage brokers for their expert advice and guidance naturally. To optimally reward the best brokers for their efforts, HashChing brokers need to maintain a minimum 4/5 user rating to continue receive leads. The top brokers are also automatically promoted on HashChing’s partner websites.

In short, HashChing is the perfect platform to grow your business if you are an ambitious and driven mortgage broker who genuinely cares for his or her clients. If that sounds like you, register today for a professional partnership to scale up your business with HashChing.

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