Why Partner with HashChing?

Our mission is to help consumers ‘own their home sooner’ and there is no better partnership to achieve this goal, than through the assistance of an accredited mortgage broker.

HashChing’s broker partners are carefully selected and rewarded for their expert advice and guidance through access to leads, technology and our unique ‘ratings and reviews’. We offer a genuine partnership to help grow your business .

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HashChing partners with broker who enjoy the excitement of helping home buyers “get a good deal”. Brokers who are transparent and prompt with their clients and sincerely enjoy providing a good service.

Our partner brokers are experienced and know the ins and outs of the broker business and possess a great passion for what they do. Meet some of our partner brokers now.

Benefits/features of joining HashChing


A large majority of consumers now conduct their financing research online, and it is getting harder and harder for small broker businesses to be found by customers online. HashChing has successfully captured a large proportion of these leads and is an ideal broker partner for your business. Check out a range of features to support your business:

Access to Mortgage Broker Directory

Your profile on the Mortgage Broker directory offering direct leads to your business.

Engage directly with customers

Build up your customer base and HashChing profile by responding directly to customers online using ‘Ask a Broker’.

Access Industry Leading Technology

Access industry leading broker tech tools in your Broker Dashboard without having to change aggregators.

Virtual Verification of Identify

Streamline the broker application process using our Virtual VOI for lender applications.

Target consumers with your special rates

Add your home loan deals directly to our Loan Deals page and secure leads from customers in your area.

Unlimited Quality Leads

Ability to access unlimited leads during your partnership with HashChing.

Access Consumer Documents

Request supporting documents from your customers quickly and easily from within the Broker Dashboard.

Broker Support

Learn more from our live webinars and monthly news or contact our friendly support team from 8am – 8pm 7 days a week for any assistance.

All the tools you’ll need to manage your customers

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Track your stats

Keep track of your stats with our intergrated data system.

CRM Dashboard

Access to custom CRM Dashboard for easy management of leads with regular reminders.

Live Webinars

Access to your frequent live webinars on how to make your broking experience easier. As well as access to our complete webinar library.

Pricing Plan

At HashChing, there are no contract terms and we don’t charge brokers ‘per lead’.

To partner with HashChing, pay either a monthly or quarterly subscription fee. In addition, you will also be invoiced 0.22% (incl. GST) for all successfully settled loans.

Select a payment term that best suits your business when you receive your broker agreement via email.

Verified Broker Partner

  • Unlimited Support
  • 3-5 leads per month
  • Access to tech tools


Premium Broker Partner

  • Unlimited Support
  • Up to 15 leads per month
  • Access to tech tools
  • Opportunity to receive unlimited* leads each month.
  • Media and branding Opportunities

*Conditions apply.

HashChing works in partnership with brokers and is committed to their long-term success.

Brokers commence as a Verified Broker partner which offers a consistent source of leads each month. Once you have demonstrated superior performance (10% conversion, 3 reviews of 4-stars or higher and a quick response time on your initial leads) you will be instantly recognised as a Premium Broker partner and reap additional benefits for the same monthly subscription fee.


The number of leads allocated to your account will depend on the number of deals you select in the dashboard that you have access to through your aggregator. The radius of postcode area (can be edited from your profile) you can service will also impact the number of leads you will receive. Navigate to ‘My Dashboard’ to select deals. There is not a set number of leads that you’ll be allocated. Although we do not guarantee a specific number of leads, you can potentially receive unlimited leads (scroll down to ‘Is there a Rewards Program with HashChing?’ to learn more).
When you receive a lead, there will be a ‘request documents’ button present. Once clicked, you can select any required documents needed from the client, including Fact Find. When the client sends through the documents, you will be notified and will be able to download the documents. For more details, please refer to page 4 of the Broker Quick Start Guide.
Please navigate to the Broker Sign Up page. Once you register, your details will be assessed. Please note that we only accept business email addresses. If your registration proceeds to the next stage, you will be sent a confirmation email with a Broker Referral Agreement. You will then need to electronically sign the agreement. Once the agreement is received, we will send out an invoice with details of your monthly prepayment to your business email address. Once we receive payment, your account activation will be completed with access to our dashboard where you will receive new leads.
We advise you to be patient with clients. No answer by client could be due to temporary unavailability, the client being on holiday or other circumstances. Please inform our support team (support@hashching.com.au) if you are having difficulty contacting the client after 3 attempts in a week and we will be happy to provide you general tips and advice.
Yes. You do not need permission from your aggregator to join our platform as the leads are generated by HashChing.
Your subscription will be charged in advance every month from date of purchase. If we are unable to process the transaction, we will contact you and attempt to resolve the payment issue.

For more questions, visit our ‘Frequently asked questions’ page.

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