George's Testimonial

George is a Hashching partner mortgage broker - "We have been receiving consistent leads that has helped us grow our revenue". Learn more about George's story below.

"We have been receiving consistent leads that has helped us grow our revenue”

– George Kozah, Hashching Partner, Mortgage Broker

12th January 2018  |  Graeme Taylor  |  4 Minute read

George Kozah is a Hashching partner mortgage broker and although only having been a mortgage broker for three years, George has nine years’ experience in the financial and credit services industry. Aggregating through Connective, George made the decision to join Hashching in September in 2016 as he wanted to scale his business and grow his revenue.

Prior to making the decision to partner with Hashching, George admits he was spending around $2,000 a month in trying to build referral partnerships and acquire leads for his business. George confesses that the real challenge for acquiring leads (beyond financially) was the time spent outside the office meeting with those referral partners, trying to explain the process, and setting up the relationship. Hashching has removed all those inconveniences for George.

Upon commencement with Hashching, George started as a verified Broker Partner where he received unlimited support, up to 5 leads a month and access to high end tech tools. It wasn’t long until George gained several reviews from customers and was closing over 10% of the leads given. This meant he automatically became recognised as a Premium Broker Partner, gaining him access to media opportunities via Hashching, plus up to 15 targeted leads each month.

On the Hashching platform George offers client access to a large range of deals, has 30 user reviews and has a rating on 4.8 stars out of 5. These reviews are from real customers who have dealt with George during his time with Hashching. Reviews are important because it allows prospective customers to get an idea of what sort of experience previous clients have had and what they can expect from George as their partner broker.

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Quality leads are not the only thing a Hashching partner mortgage broker gets to take advantage of. Hashching also offers access to a mortgage broker directory which allows direct leads to your business via the brokers profile. All Hashching leads can be tracked using the integrated data system and the user-friendly CRM dashboard. The dashboard is easy to use and many brokers find the easy management of leads and reminders a key benefit to their business. In Georges’ case, he mainly uses the Hashching CRM but also transfers the leads to his Connective CRM.

Long gone are the days when George had to pay $2,000 a month on attempting lead generation - these days George receives a consistent flow of leads from Hashching and is on his way to becoming a Gold Broker partner where he will get priority assignment of loans requests for over $1,000,000 plus a dedicated account manager and up to 20 leads per month.

If you want to scale your business and gain access to more leads, you can apply on our broker registration page.

Unique benefits of signing up on Hashching as a broker include:

  • No marketing expense and access to quality leads
  • Broker directory listing where you can answer user questions and directly market your services to them
  • Real users’ reviews and ratings to build trust and a strong broker profile
  • An advanced CRM Dashboard for easy management of leads with regular reminders
  • Month to Month contract with 30 days’ notice period for flexibility

Joining Hashching as a broker is quick and easy…

As a Hashching broker, you do not pay per lead. Your monthly access provides access to an advanced CRM dashboard and other productivity tools, including an AI-enabled matching process, a secure document collection platform and performance improvement analytics.

The system is designed in a way that Gold and Premium Brokers with consistently high ratings and reviews get more leads, exposure and customer opportunities, rewarding ace mortgage brokers for their expert advice and guidance naturally. To optimally reward the best brokers for their efforts, Hashching brokers need to maintain a minimum 4/5 user rating to continue receive leads. The top brokers are also automatically promoted on Hashching’s partner websites.

In short, Hashching is the perfect platform to grow your business if you are an ambitious and driven mortgage broker who genuinely cares for his or her clients. If that sounds like you, register today for a professional partnership to scale up your business with Hashching.

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