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Connecting you with top brokers in your area, in realtime

HashChing now offers integrated instant chat and live video consultations services for borrowers and brokers.
HashChing has a team of 2000+ brokers accross Australia, and it's growing...

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Join over 50,000+ Australians who have trusted HashChing to secure a better deal!

Simple, Easy, Efficient and Professional Service

We qualify our brokers just like we qualify our customers. Connect with our experts for tailored solutions to your needs.
Check our pre-negotiated home-loan deals from multiple lenders that meet your criteria.

Compare Loans

Our experienced brokers will search the entire market to find you the best possible deal

Access top rates and products from over 80+ lenders and growing.
Tranforming the way Brokers do business

We're reinventing
broker technology

Australia's integrated platform with a suite of tools to navigate the rapidly changing loan and mortgage landscape. We're adding more products to our platform. Times are changing fast, and we're changing faster.

Local Support

We provide customer support to brokers and clients.

Live streaming and chat

Keep connected with your customer using instant chat and live video meetings

Document Encryption

We’ve added encryption technology for safe and secure data management

Advance Broker Search

Smarter search functions to ensure you find the right broker for all your needs.


Get connected in just one call.

You can feel at ease, as we assure to connect your utilities at your new location in the estimated time frame. We can even arrange next day or same day connection to ensure those last minute submissions are stress free.
You can also add a new request directly from your dashboard.
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Meet our investors.

Backed by Sapien Ventures and Heworth Capital providing funding for our exponential growth.

Getting a loan is
still possible

Life is complicated, but finding finance doesn’t have to be.
Meet your HashChing broker virtually, and let them find the best loan for you.
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The new lender and broker platform where everyone wins.

We’ve re-engineered the mortgage and refinance process - putting borrowers and brokers needs at the centre of everything we do.

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