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High Performance Productivity seminar

Powertalks and seminars from Australia's leading coaches

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At Hashching we focus on both intellectual, and business growth of our partner brokers. Connect with industry leaders, mentors to enhance your knowledge and abilities.

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A free motivational and educational service exclusive for Hashching brokers.

The service provides our brokers access to industry leaders, coaching experts, discounted training, qualifications and CPD training packages. We provide the highest quality tools and training to give brokers the best chance of success.

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Renowned for their world-class coaching and training sessions, they complement each other to provide brokers a comprehensive, enlightening experience.

Niik’s coaching expertise in inspiring motivation, and Stuart’s mentoring talent in sharing practical tips for positive change will absolutely help to give our brokers that cutting edge when it comes to building and maintaining customer relationships.

Niik Stewart

Stuart Donaldson

We provide our brokers with the opportunity to participate in CPD training courses at significantly discounted rates.

Get ready to upskill in areas such as business, sales, leadership and compliance!

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