Michael’s Testimonial

Michael got a better deal on his 2 mortgages with Hashching. "As soon as you do your application online they straight away reply and then within twenty-four hours you get a broker contacting you." Learn more about Michael’s story below.

"As soon as you do your application online they
straight away reply and then within twenty-
four hours you get a broker contacting you…"

Refinancing can be challenging when the banks say no…
See how Michael got a better deal on his 2 mortgages
with Hashching .

12th January 2018  |  Graeme Taylor  |  4 Minute read

Michael and his wife had been looking to refinance their investment property. Problem was the banks were saying no and the mortgage brokers he was working with were not able to get them a deal. This was becoming quite a problem for Michael as nearly every two months his (previous) bank was hiking the interest rates.

Keen to lower his home loan and progress with refinancing his home loan, Michael continued to try find a solution.

Hello Hashching…

Michael came across Hashching on TV and then went onto our site and had a look at the weekly home loan deals. Seeing Hashching had great rates, Michael put through an enquiry and was connected with a Hashching partner broker within twenty-four hours.

Michael said "automatically from there like got quick responses and basically confirmed mortgages so real straightforward real easy and convenient." Mr Silvka said "Hashching has been perfect with communication and just real fast and prompt."

60,000 Australians trusted Hashching to help them find their home loan!

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The Hashching Experience…

With Hashching, when you fill out an obligation free enquiry, the broker will contact you at the time that you have chosen. Said another way, you are in control of when you are contacted, instead of being called at a time in which you might be busy or unavailable.

For Michael, he was contacted within twenty-four hours and had the broker assisting him along the entire process. If there were any delays, the Hashching partner broker made contact to let him know what was happening.

In this scenario, Michael had leftover funds from the settlement go missing because Michael had shut down all the banking with his other bank. I thought, they said they were expecting to put it in my savings account which didn't exist so that's why I didn't get the money. Most banks would just would not follow this up. However, Michael's Hashching partner broker chased it up and ensured Michael got his money. Michael went on to state, "he still made sure it kept communications open and let us know what was going on like perfect."

This is the kind of "going-beyond" experience you can expect with a Hashching partner broker. This is because we only have brokers who are highly experienced and focused on delivering you a fantastic experience whilst helping you save money. In fact, the average Hashching partner broker has 10.8 years of experience.

Additionally, Hashching partner mortgage brokers are genuinely rated and reviewed by other customers and you are only connected with brokers who have a rating of 5 or 4 stars (out of 5).

Unlike banks, a Hashching partner broker will still make contact and personally follow up with you to help make the process as easy as possible. This is exactly what happened with Michael and his Hashching partner broker. In Michaels words, " he still contacted me after everything was done and dusted to see how they're going and how my wife and kids were."

If you are anything like Michael, you would understand that life gets busy, especially when you have kids. Your time is limited and there is just no time to be going to banks on their opening and closing hours. You need to be able to have someone you can trust and that can contact you at a time that suits you. This is one of many reasons why tens-of-thousands of Australians have trusted Hashching with their home loan, and to save money.

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