Simon’s Testimonial

Simon went from paying $800 a week to $490 a week with Hashching. Learn more about Simon’s story below.

"How Hashching customers are saving $5,000 on their home loan annually. Here's How Simon went from paying $800 a week to $490 a week with Hashching"

12th January 2018  |  Graeme Taylor  |  6 Minute read

Several home loan customers in Australia are robbing themselves of significant savings by not switching lenders. As both major and non-major banks flood the market with competitively priced home loan deals, borrowers with a set and forget attitude might find themselves paying thousands of dollars extra on their home loans, while their peers save money effortlessly by refinancing to better deals.

According to research, over one-third Australians are not aware of the interest rate on their home loan. If you happen to fall into this category, act now and review your home loan immediately. You might be surprised at the extra money you are throwing away each month, that could easily be used for paying off other debts, such as your credit card dues.
Simon Jeffrey, a Hashching customer, recently switched lenders, saving up to $5,000 per year. His new mortgage rate of 3.86 percent per annum is almost one percent lower than his original rate, bringing down his repayments to $490 from $800 a week.

"I had a home loan and a personal loan with the same institute. I basically wanted to merge the two lines to save some money, but they said no!" recounts Simon, who tried to reason again with his bank after six months, only to be turned away once again.

Fortunately, Simon came across Hashching while browsing the television one day. "What sold the idea on me was that they said they don't do dodgy brokers and all," says Simon. He is right; Hashching mortgage brokers must maintain a minimum user rating of 4.5 to continue receiving leads, which means stellar customer service for users. Simon contacted Hashching on Facebook and was put in touch with a [premium] mortgage broker, Darby.

"I contacted Simon and went through the motions with him to realise he was paying a higher interest rate than the average rate in the market. He also had two credit cards and a personal loan," recounts Darby, who helped Simon reduce one percent from his mortgage rate, saving him $5,000 in interest per year.

Apart from securing a competitive home loan deal for Simon, Darby also helped Simon manage his debts better. "I had two credit cards. Darby got them combined and put them through another institution that gave me 12 months interest-free," explains Simon. He is currently using the extra savings from refinancing to kill his credit card debt.

60,000 Australians trusted Hashching to help them find their home loan!

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Have you checked your home loan lately?

It is easy to get complacent with your home loan, but it is a fact that the best home loan deal you secured a few years back may not be the best for you today. Like Simon, you can save thousands of dollars on your home loan with a reduction of just a few basis points on your interest rate. However, you must be aware of the costs associated with refinancing before you make a decision).

Refinancing your home loan might cost you some time and involve minor hassles in terms of paperwork, but all these issues are insignificant compared to the savings you can pocket. Today, Simon saves $5,000 each year because he was aware he was being fleeced by the interest rate imposed by his bank. Despite being turned down by his bank, he did not give up and contacted Hashching to save his hard-earned money that was unnecessarily filling up the coffers of his lender. This is the difference a mortgage broker can make on your financial journey. By negotiating hard on their client's behalf, brokers work relentlessly to score competitive home loan deals for their clients, which is precisely what HashCHing part Broker, Darby did for Simon.

"If you are in a position where you have got a house loan, and you have been with an institute for a little longer, or even a short while…I recommend just going to Hashching, and having a chat, because, realistically, what have you got to lose?" says Simon, "You only got money to save," he adds rhetorically.

In case you haven't reviewed your home loan of late, we strongly recommended you check your current interest rate - because, as Simon says, you only got money to save!

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Hashching is a borrower-friendly online mortgage marketplace, a first of its kind in Australia. Powered by sophisticated algorithms, it is a tech platform that enables borrowers to access and compare broker pre-negotiated mortgage rates from over 60 lenders across Australia. Besides, Hashching offers on-demand broker services wherein you can choose from verified mortgage brokers in your area, connect with them and discuss your requirement from the comfort of your favourite screen. Recognised for changing the landscape of the mortgage industry across Australia, Hashching continues to innovate, helping Australians realise their foremost dream of buying a home.

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