Wayne’s Testimonial

Wayne thought being heard as a customer is a very big thing and felt validated and wasn't just another number. Learn more about Wayne’s story below.

"Being heard as a customer is a very big thing for me and I felt validated. I felt like I wasn't just another number."

12th January 2018  |  Graeme Taylor  |  6 Minute read

Wayne's previous lender was one of the big-four. He had been loyal to them for over 10 years. Unfortunately, though, they made it very difficult for Wayne. He was paying out 2 loans with them and borrowing less money with them that he already had. Wayne said the amount of hoops they (the bank) made him jump through was mind blowing and they had ridiculous requests.

It's no secret, it can be difficult when trying to get a loan from a bank, and this was certainly the case for Wayne. Even though he was an existing customer plus had a triple-A credit rating, they made it hard for him to fulfill his simple requests.

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The Hashching Experience…

Dealing with Hashching is not like dealing with a bank. Firstly, we are not a bank. Secondly, we are not a bank. Thirdly, we are not a bank. What does this mean? It means the customer service you receive at Hashching is the cornerstone of our business and you always come first.

As Wayne said, "My experience with Hashching was overwhelmingly efficient. I filled out their online form and immediately I was contacted. And when I say immediately I mean within 30 minutes I had a text with an appointment time that I would be contacted and pretty much from there it just followed on."

Hashching partner brokers have an average of 10.8 year's experience and all have a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars. Instead of dealing with a broker who is new to the mortgage brokering industry, you are instantly connected with a mortgage broker in your local area, who can come to you, at a time that suits you, and is highly-experienced and has met Hashchings strict vetting procedure. In other words, you are getting the best of the best of mortgage brokers in Australia. Not just will they be able to save you money, but you will not have to bend over backwards with requests like you would if you were dealing with a bank (like Wayne did).

Here's what Wayne had to say about Hashchings customer service…

"They were so prompt and continuously updating me with where I was at in the chain of events that needed to be ticked all the boxes that needed to be ticked. I was never ever left wondering 'when do I need to have this?' how much does this need to be? how long before this?....And even when I was contacted at the time that I would be told information, I found out that when they weren't given the information they needed to be passing on to me, I was also then contacted to tell me that they weren't giving the information. So, they would try again at such and such a time. I was so up to date at any point. It was easy."

What You Get When You Use Hashching?

When you choose Hashching, yes you will save money on your home loan via access to 100+ lenders in the marketplace, but you will also receive customer service that you simply won't experience at a bank or through a comparison site.

Hashching is not a comparison site and if you choose, you can get face-to-face in person meetings with a local mortgage broker in your area at your convenience. All of this with a broker who is genuinely rated and reviewed from other Hashching customers (other borrowers).

When it comes to customers, we are unrelenting and the last thank you comes from us.

As Wayne put it…

"Being heard as a customer is a very big thing for me and I felt validated. I felt like I wasn't just another number.

If I could say something to Hashching right now, I would say thank you. Thank you Alicia James, you were amazing. And here I am….I'm doing my dream. Thank you."

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